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Brief: To design, specify and build a full upgrade to existing dull gardens to detached bungalow with all practical facilities and screening.

This was a very satisfying project as it has given both the property and the client a real uplift. I love these simple but dramatic transformations!

Design: This design package included both front and rear garden areas and we proceeded with the front garden as phase 1, with the rear gardens planned and ready to go in a second phase of construction.

By realigning the angle of the font gates I have improved the safe vehicular access, parking and turning of the driveway. This slight adjustment also improved the space and approach to the front of the property, allowing sapce to develop a full and attractive garden along with the practicalities of a working driveway. Simple timber panel fencing acts to strengthen the privacy and seclusion to the front of this property. The natural stone raised beds around the driveway along with decorative timber arch create ample planting opportunities to add further colour and screening.

Testimonial:  To see a dream come true, a garden that makes my heart sing, is such a joy.   I’m delighted to have had this crated by Anthony with such insight and genius, someone who has so much knowledge of plants and flowers and a wonderfully creative mind. This gift of a garden will be with me for many many years to love and enjoy. Anthony, thank you a thousand times.   To read more client testimonials click here.

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