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Brief: To design and specify landscape detail to entire hotel and apartments complex, including entrance fountain pond and enclosed court yards gardens to rear.

This was an exciting project with a blank canvas to start from and an exciting contemporary building design, with a mix of strong structural lines and organic curves throughout.

Design:The large pond wrapped around the front of the hotel with its tall fountain draws you into the complex and its immediate link with the glass fronted foyer makes you feel that you are inside before you have even arrived. The footpath and reception paving are all detailed to mirror the buildings organic shapes while leading you to the front door.

To the rear of the hotel the swirling lines of the contrasting paving styles link with the stone raised beds. The dramatic interlocking towers water feature and terraces act as a dramatic back drop to the enclosed open space. A dense planting scheme of semi-mature trees and shrubs act to soften complex and add interest, screening and colour.

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